Magic the Gathering: Cute to Brute Artist Proofs

$15.00 - $545.00

Cute side of the Cute to Brute Magic the Gathering proofs!

Card progress is tracked here, I'll send your number in the queue upon ordering:

Please note that there is a wait, but if that's ok feel free to choose anything you like!

Art Options:

All will be signed by default
Ink Doodle (Black Pen)
Color Wash (Ink Doodle & Color Wash)
Acrylic Painting
Gouache Painting (Only Thick Display)
Oil Painting (Longer to Dry)

*All art requests must be safe for work

*Multi Card Painting: A bigger painting on the backs of all cards when put together. Feel free to specify order/configuration. You can also customize by adding individual painted cards and writing a note!

Shipped by USPS First Class, email for a stamps option
US: $10
Global: $20